When asked to describe Holy Comforter, people say we are welcoming and caring. They say we are active and generous, prayerful and spirit-filled, hopeful and resilient. People notice that we eat together, we work together, and we play together. These are characteristics ingrained in our DNA that people notice when they visit, and cite for their return. But this part of our identity is just the tip of the iceberg. What do we value that drives who we are? What do we hope to become? Why do we do what we do? The answers to these questions are our values, our vision and our mission. This deeper part of our identity is why we stay at Holy Comforter. It’s what we invest our time and resources into. It’s at the heart of all we do, and it is what will guide us into the future.  

Values & VisionFinal.png

What is a Mission?

A mission describes why an organization does what it does. Our mission is that of the Episcopal Church, which is given to us in the Book of Common Prayer on page 855. Our values and vision are rooted in this mission, and all we do should move us closer to achieving it.


What is a Vision?

A vision describes what an organization does to accomplish its mission. While we already do each of these to a degree, living into them fully is going to take more time, work, and intention. These vision statements will help us focus our efforts and decide where to allocate our resources.


What are Values?

Core values reflect what is most important to an organization, and they shape the organization’s culture. Our

values represent who we are, and they drive what we do. They also guide where we invest our time and resources.