I am so excited to share that the Episcopal Church in Colorado has approved our request to transition from a mission to a parish congregation. The Standing Committee (diocesan governing board) gave us a standing ovation yesterday, rejoicing in our resurrection story over these last nine years. Every family experiences difficult seasons: what matters is how its members respond. You have responded with grace, endurance and generosity again and again. 
- Mother Kim

What does becoming a parish mean?

Parish status is a milestone of maturity and stability. Financially, it means a congregation can fulfill its obligations towards its property and staff, as well as support the broader Episcopal Church with a pledge of at least 10%. Legally, it means incorporating as a nonprofit organization that accedes to the Constitution and Canons of the Episcopal Church. Administratively, it allows the congregation to elect its leaders rather than have them appointed by the Bishop. 


So what happens next?

The Bishop's Committee will organize an official congregational meeting in September, in which members will vote to incorporate as a parish, adopt by-laws and elect a vestry. In preparation for the transition, we will host a few community conversations over the summer. We want to ensure that membership records are current and discuss the draft by-laws and vestry nomination process. Please make plans to join us for our first community conversation on Sunday, June 12 from 5-6:30 pm.