Pipes, bells, strings, winds, brass, voices and even a zimbelstern make up the vibrant music ministry at Holy Comforter. Our goal is to make a joyful noise to the Lord at every Sunday morning and special service. We accomplish this through a variety of ways.


Holy Comforter is Hiring an Organist

Holy Comforter Episcopal Church located in Broomfield, CO seeks a quarter-time (10 hr/week) organist and choir accompanist.

Primary responsibilities include two identical Rite II Sunday services at 9 and 10:45 am, Thursday evening SATB choir rehearsals from 7:30 - 9:00 pm September through May. Click here for the full job description.  

Interested candidates should submit a letter of application and resume, with references, to Mary McIntire, Music Director at

Applications will be received until the position is filled.

Our Sanctuary Choir, which is open to high schoolers and adults, meets each Thursday in the loft from 7:30 - 9 pm. We are excited to offer a wide range of of musical styles each week ranging from Baroque to Gospel, Motets to Spirituals. Really no sacred choral genre' is left untouched during the year. New singers are always welcome in this choir. The fellowship we share with one another is deep and comforting in time of need. While it may seem the loft is too crowded there is always room for more!

Joyful Ring Handbell Choir is made up of experienced adult ringers and meets each Thursday from 6:16 - 7:15 pm in the Sanctuary. This group offers musical selections during the service every 4-6 weeks. We welcome new, experienced adult ringers!


Silver Bells/Silver Singers are as unique as their name! These two groups alternate a month of practice with one another followed by performing in a church service on the fourth Sunday of the month. In September you heard the bells, in October it will be the Singers. Meeting at 11 am on Thursday we practice for one hour and then enjoy a potluck lunch and fellowship. It is not necessary to be a member of both groups but many have found it to be a joy in their life. If you don't like to drive at night, love to sing and or ring these groups are for you!


Broomfield Children's Chorus is the combined vision of Mary McIntire and Lena Sewell, both musicians, choir directors and educators. The Broomfield Children's Chorus is operated as an outreach ministry of Holy Comforter Churc. Our mission is to provide music instruction and performance opportunities for all children in Broomfield and the surrounding communities.

 Our next concert is Sunday November 6 at Holy Comforter at 4 pm. You can also hear a few selections at the 9 am service that same Sunday. We will be looking for new singers again in January.

For questions about any of the music groups at Holy Comforter please contact Mary McIntire, Music Director, at

The History of Broomfield's only pipe organ at Holy Comforter

If only pipes could talk! The only pipe organ in Broomfield has an amazing history. Shortly after Holy Comforter built its original sanctuary, in 1964 we installed a 2 Manual pipe organ. An additional purchase of 71 Trumpet pipes greatly enhanced the sound of this instrument. In the late 90's, as we designed our new sanctuary to make room for new growth, we imagined the choir with Organ Chambers supporting congregational singing from a balcony. The Chapel Organ was moved to the new space in 2002 and augmented with pipes, chests and a 3 horsepower blower. A new 3 Manual Console was purchased to adequately serve the larger instrument. 

Our current organ, the E & GG Hook Opus 476, is the oldest operating pipe organ in Colorado; and, was built by a cabinet maker's sons, George and Elias Hook, in 1869, in Salem, Massachusetts. It is in a beautiful free-standing walnut case with Victorian-stenciled facade pipes. Originally purchased by the First Methodist Church in Salem in 1869, it remained there until 2009, when it was acquired by St. John's Episcopal Cathedral in Denver. It was transported to Denver, restored, and served the Cathedral while their pipe organ was being refurbished. 

On January 22, 2016, the entire organ was disassembled and began the short journey up Highway 36 to Broomfield. After countless volunteer hours just to get the area prepped and all the parts moved, Jim Steinborn began the painstaking process of rebuilding an historic organ, onsite at Holy Comforter. Before the 777 pipes could be put back in place, the cabinet had to be rebuilt by hand, and the entire tracker mechanical action reassembled. As he rebuilt the instrument, Jim performed needed repairs to various parts of the organ, and took care to use materials and processes that mimic those used by the builders in 1869.

On the receiving end of this beautiful instrument, our congregation is thrilled to house this piece of history. Through the generosity of an anonymous donor and St. John's Cathedral, Holy Comforter was able to purchase the organ and give it a permanent home in Colorado. The city of Broomfield will also benefit greatly from this beautiful instrument. 

To contact our Organist, John Murgel, please email