Caring for Our Indigenous Neighbors

Join us for an awareness and advocacy series to learn how we can better support the Lakota people.

Wednesdays, April 26, May 3 and May 10 - 6:30-8pm at Holy Comforter Episcopal Church.

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April 26: Intro/History-Tools for Growth

To begin the series, we will explore the history of the Lakota people and some of the policies and events that shaped that history. We will also learn about the Tools for Growth program; and, how it benefits the Lakota people.

Learn more about the Indigenous Ministries of the Episcopal Church

Learn more about the Doctrine of Discovery

Learn more about Presiding Bishop Curry's support of Standing Rock


May 3: Going Deeper-Lakota/Pine Ridge

This session will be devoted to delving into life on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, particularly regarding the impact of the Oyate Teca Project.

Learn more about the Oyate Teca Project

Tools for Growth Campaign: April 30-May 14 Contact Dotti Moyer for more information.


May 10: Next Steps-Sharing a Lakota Meal

To conclude, we will all take part in preparing and sharing a traditional Lakota meal, inspiring us to put what we have learned into action.

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Contact Deacon Linda for more information and with any questions.