Summertime Sittin'

I’ve been sittin’ a lot this summer. Sittin’ at my kitchen table with other parents savoring adult conversation over the revelry and mayhem of our kids playing nearby. Sittin’ at the Broomfield Farmers’ Market enjoying live music and chatting with vendors and neighbors. Sittin’ in the church’s prayer garden relishing the stunning beauty of the blossoms. Sittin’ on my front porch listening to the birds welcome the morning.

When I stop my body, I become aware of just how fast my mind is moving. Sometimes thoughts are swirling with the events of the day, or of the headlines in the news. Sitting can be a first step in creating some mental space through journaling, prayer or meditation. Sometimes in  moving too quickly through my day I am more reactive than responsive. Pausing can help me be attentive to the present moment, whatever gift and work is before me. When I begin moving again, I am more thoughtful and deliberate in word and action. 

Sitting helps me reconnect to the natural rhythms of the world around me. I catch the breeze blowing through the trees, and follow the flight of the bumblebee. I notice the flowers blooming and listen to the birds calling. The artificial pace of technology invites us to move faster and push harder than our biology is intended. Sitting for a while helps me return to a more human pace.

Over the past holiday weekend I saw so many people sitting in lawn chairs on their driveways, chatting with friends and neighbors. Sittin’ feels good in the summertime. It’s a posture for listening and leisurely conversation. Sittin’ creates a gracious space to connect with old friends and make new ones. In a world that offers ceaseless activity, it is good to remember that God made us as human beings, not human doings. And sometimes, it can be such a gift, to just stop and sit. 

Mother Kim