Reflections on Consecration

The Episcopal Church in Colorado. The Ordination and Consecration of the Reverend Kimberly Danielle Lucas. Eleventh Bishop of the Episcopal Church in Colorado.

This was a humbling, inspirational and educational experience. Being new to Colorado, a new Episcopalian, I did not know what to expect.

Walking into Saint John's Cathedral the flowers were so, wonderfully, vibrant!!

After a bit of a wait the processions began...with LOUD drumming and chanting by the Denver Indian Singers.

I can still feel the chill of that moment. To me it felt like Episcopalians in Colorado were welcoming the gathering of old and new people of all nationalities to be a part of our historic occasion. The drumming continued as all the dignitaries and clergy processed to their seats.

The music throughout was outstanding. The Brass Quartet, choirs and just the voices of those gathered for this celebration.

But with all the pomp...The thunder rolled ever so gently and I knew the presence of the great "I am" was with us.

Through the Examination, Sermon, Consecration, the holy chanting of "Veni Sancte Spiritus" by everyone, Communion and the final singing of "I am the Bread of Life" by everyone...I raised my hand on the final verse just to grasp some of the Holy Spirit to my heart...I was in awe.

Thank you Holy Comforter for giving me the privilege to attend this once in a lifetime experience. Light candles and say loving prayers for our new Bishop Kimberly D. Lucas.

With love and prayers,

Nancy C. Springs