On Behalf of Your Faith

It’s that time of year, again. I know I have begun to notice the increased chatter-fervor even, across the radio and television waves, and across the digital streams that occupy our lives. My email inbox is filling up with funding requests and campaign newsletters, urging me to take action for a cause. I am sure most of you are right there with me in noticing this increased onslaught and jockeying for our attention. That’s right...it’s election season.

I also notice that I don’t feel enthusiasm for this time of year, for some reason. As someone who is a bit of a political nerd and is fascinated by the story that our politics tells, this is disconcerting to me. Now, you may not be as interested in politics as I am; and, that’s okay. However, I firmly believe that political issues are not in some other stratosphere that doesn’t involve us. Rather, political issues are, by nature, human issues. From education and housing to transportation and equality, these are issues that touch all of us. The question then becomes, why are we not enthusiastic about election season?

We are dogged by media outlets informing us how divided we are; how polarized our country is. In fact, it is difficult not to believe it, as the assertions of the 24-hour-news-cycle are constantly in our face. Literally, it can be impossible to escape the blitz!... How about a different way to tune in? How about an approach that is rooted not in what you hear, see, scroll by, or are told; but, in what you believe?

We all have beliefs-and, we all have shared values. We all want safety and security for our families and communities. We all want to live healthy and productive lives. We all want clean air and water. We all want our children to be well-educated in order to grow and thrive. We all want shelter and access to healthy food. We all want to be able to have sound infrastructure that allows us to contribute to the greater good of our communities and society. We all want to be treated with dignity and equality…

So, what if we tuned into these shared beliefs and values? What if we advocated and voted, not in spite of our faith; but, on behalf of it? I have a hunch that we just might view this election season a little bit differently.

This November, many of the values that we all hold dear will be on the ballot. This could be your opportunity to live the life that you believe. Holy Comforter will be hosting a four week series: How to be a Christian in an Election Season, September 30-October 21. So, I encourage you to do your research on the ballot initiatives, read your blue book, talk to your neighbors, family members and friends about their thoughts and their beliefs. We all have something to learn from each other.

Who knows, we might just be able to turn down the noise on what we are told we believe…

Jackson Dreiling