Love Where You're At

Earlier this week, I was sitting outside on our deck, drinking coffee in the morning. I know, it sounds quite exciting! But, I realized something in that moment of the mundane; something I found very powerful. Being in that moment revealed a value to me that I had not paid attention to in far too long; and, I’m hoping that I haven’t lost. I was in a state of being. And, it was perfect.

Too often, I am doing, even when I think I am simply being. Usually, I am sitting, drinking coffee AND looking at my phone...or reading the newspaper (yes, I still read the newspaper, and love it)...or thinking about my upcoming day.... As I started to reflect upon this habit of doing while being, a thought occurred to me: is it ingrained in us that we always have to be something? How often do we think, “be strong” or “be positive” or “be nice”? Even from the time we are young, we are asked what we want to be when we grow up; and, as we grow, where we want to be in five years. It is clear to me that we are constantly conditioned to be something.

A loved one recently told me to just be here. Those words were like a blanket for my soul. They gave me comfort, even a permission, that I didn’t have to work so hard to strive to be something. I could just be.

Those comforting words also reminded me that one’s being does directly affect those around you. Not only is it comforting for me to simply be; it is often times what those around us need from us.

No matter what we’re going through, no matter our status, no matter our health, it is part of our journey-our story. We all have a story to tell; and, I believe, as a person of faith, that joy will come in the morning. Around that corner, just over that ridge, there’s that bright side of the road, that sun will peek and bear its face. So, why not love where you’re at and allow yourself to soak it up, breathe, and be? It will make for one great story.

Jackson Dreiling