And It's A Wrap!

At 4:15 pm yesterday it was all over. All the props, music and teaching tools put away. Everyone had gone home. Lights turned off and doors locked. So ended another year of camps at Holy Comforter.

I love camps! Yes, I am tired and worn out but I love that Holy Comforter opens its campus up for 3 weeks of chaos and fun. I love it when a child who doesn’t attend Holy Comforter walks into the Sanctuary for the first time and is in awe of its beauty. I love it when they hear the Hook organ and say it’s the coolest thing they have ever heard. I love it when a child tells me that there are really nice people at this church. I love it when a child tells me they can hardly wait until next summer when they can come back again.

Thank you Holy Comforter for allowing the campus to essentially shut down during camp weeks so that our camps can take over and use every bit of space we have for programs. Thank you Holy Comforter for your generous financial support to allow all of our camps to be extremely low cost so that all may participate no matter their ability to pay the tuition. Your generosity has touched many kids over the years and it truly makes a difference in their lives. Thanks to the many volunteers who assembled snacks and cleaned up our messes – your smiles impact little lives.

So the camps are over and Joel and I are going camping!

Mary McIntire