Amazing Music is Around the Corner

Although the heat from Summer is upon us, thoughts from ministers, teachers, and musicians alike will turn to planning for the next season. There will be wonderful opportunities to invite neighbors and friends to see and hear what Holy Comforter offers, as well as to attend other events in the Broomfield area. Our Hook organ is a treasure, and we will continue the Brownbag Series and the Lenten Friday concerts, offering guest musicians time with this unique instrument. More details soon, but expect reflective and seasonal selections during these recitals. For those more comfortable with an informal setting, Ben will be rehearsing the last Tuesday afternoon in July, August, and September, and all are welcome to ascend the stairs to the balcony, or just sit downstairs and listen in conditioned air.

The Denver Rocky Mountain chapter of the organist’s guild will begin their season Monday, September 10th with a free program at Calvary Episcopal Church in Golden. The guild offers free organ lessons each summer to school-aged music students, who complete an audition process in the Spring. These students are truly interested in the organ, and some have gone on to college-level study. This concert at Calvary will feature the Summer scholarship students.  Lakewood Cultural Center has recently added a digital theater organ and the next concert there is July 29th with Dave Wickerham, sponsored by the local Theatre Organ Society. This Sunday evening, July 22nd at 9pm, Lyn Loewi will play “Music in the Dark” at St John’s Cathedral, Denver. “No speaking, no program; simply unique organ music in the dark.”

Go ahead and reach for that ice-cold lemonade! Fire up the grill a few more times, throw some frisbee, and know that even in mid-Summer, plans are being made for an amazing Fall and Winter season.

Ben Ehrlich