Can You Imagine?

Ten years ago Holy Comforter’s future was uncertain.

Today Holy Comforter is a growing, thriving parish. Our average Sunday attendance is the highest it has ever been, we have more households pledging now than any other time in our church’s history, and we are financially sustainable. Our campus bustles with a multitude of groups and ministries throughout the week. We are the proud sponsors of community outreach programs like the Broomfield Farmers’ Market and the Broomfield Children’s Chorus, and we have forged strong partnerships with local non-profit organizations like Growing Home and Broomfield FISH. Thanks to the incredibly successful Growing Together capital campaign in 2015 we have added an associate rector to our staff, an exquisite pipe organ to our sanctuary, and anticipate that our mortgage at the end of 2018 will be almost half of what it was 10 years ago. The healing, hard work, generosity, dedication, and subsequent growth that we have witnessed over the last decade have truly been beyond our imagination.

Now we get to dream about what Holy Comforter will look like 10 years in the future. Who is God calling us to be, and what is he calling us to do? Who will we welcome into our midst? How will we grow and change on our Christian Journey? What opportunities and challenges will present themselves? How much of an impact can we make in our community and our world? Can you imagine?

Last week I shared the mission, vision and values that came out of our conversations last fall. If you haven’t read them yet, please do so here. With these as our guide, the Vestry is now beginning to discern the answers those big questions. In the months ahead we will be listening to leaders in our congregation, and our community about the needs and opportunities they see for ministry. We will be examining how to best grow and support members on their faith journey. We will be evaluating the existing needs and the future potential of our campus. We will be envisioning what Holy Comforter could look like if we fully live into our mission, vision and values, and we will be identifying what we will need to make that happen.

I invite you to dream with us, and share those dreams with each other. God has already done incredible things at Holy Comforter. Can you imagine what’s next?

Jamie Rumsey, Senior Warden