Embrace the Change

Ash Wednesday and the first Sunday in Lent have passed - it is time to embrace the change. 

I hope you heard it. I hope you felt it. It's kind of like that record breaking temperature drop the other day - BAM! here it is!

But I enjoy those changes. They make me think, reflect and hopefully change in some way. I like to listen to every word in our services. The liturgy, readings, hymns, anthems, sermons. What are they saying to us? How are they speaking to me? To you? Are you moved by the changes in what you see in the Sanctuary? The different, more somber tones of the organ? The mode of the music?

Maybe you can embrace the change by attending our Friday Evening Lenten Organ Series Concerts. It will be a time for you to sit, listen, reflect while taking in the visual changes in the Sanctuary. Taking time to sit and reflect becomes lost in our busy lives. Embrace this gift as you walk forward during this season of Lent.

Embrace the Change.

Mary McIntire