Sunday School for Grownups

One strategic priority of the Growing Together campaign is to grow in faith, to deepen our knowledge of and commitment to Christian living. By your generous funding for additional staff, Holy Comforter now has the capacity to offer Christian education on Sundays for all ages. Sunday school isn’t just for kids anymore.

I’m pleased to announce three choices in Sunday School for Grownups this fall:

Unlocking the Mysteries of our Worship Music

Join our music director, Mary McIntire, for an introduction to our hymnals. How does she pick the music we sing? Why do some songs change weekly and others seasonally? What do the different letters, numbers and symbols mean?  Answers to these questions and much more! 4 Sundays beginning 10/15 from 12:15-1 pm in the choir loft.

Got Kids?

Join our associate rector, Father Bill, for a monthly parenting support group. At baptism, parents promise to help their children grow into the full stature of Christ. Come learn what our kids are learning in their Sunday School and explore how to further these conversations at home. First Sundays beginning 10/1 from 12-2 in the church office.

Bible C.L.A.S.S.

Join Dr. Schubert Ogden, retired Professor of Theology at Southern Methodist University for a Closer Look at Sunday’s Scriptures. This lectionary based Bible study will explore historical context and current applications before experiencing the text in worship. Sundays from 9-10 in the library beginning in November.

I’m also thankful to the Rev. Sandy Grundy for continuing to offer classes every Tuesday: a 9:30 am Bible study on the Gospel of John, and Centering Prayer at 1:30, both in the library.  

I am imagining learning opportunities for the spring. I hope you’ll join me and the vestry this Sunday from 6-7:15 pm as we explore forward thinking questions like “What does it look like to be a Christian in today’s culture?” and “How can Holy Comforter help us do this?” Your input will be timely for planning 2018 and beyond.

Mother Kim