Pondering and Planning

Oh, can't you just feel the change in the air? The mornings are crisp, I've seen a few leaves with a change in color and my mind is really in the planning mode!

This past week I've spent lots of time in the Holy Comforter music library. While not a big room, it is long, tall and very narrow. Its shelves hold hundreds of choral anthems. Some are very old and some new. As I study the lectionary readings for the upcoming Sundays, light bulbs go off as to what will be the perfect anthem to augment those lessons. I consult the excel spreadsheet, find the anthem and box (there are about 130) it lives in. It's fun to pull out these pieces of music. Each copy of an anthem is numbered and each choir member has a number. Generally your choir number never changes. I'ts fun to look at these pieces and see what notes singers have made. For instance, singer #1 Debbie, always writes the date on the front of the music. What great history and memories are in those dates! Some pieces are crisp and clean....hmmmmm was that singer paying attention in practice and marking the things I asked? Some have names of choir members on them who are no longer with us and are one of our choir angels looking down on us as we practice and sing. Once in a while I find a personal note from a singer about how they feel about the piece like - so hard! Love it! Great text. Rhythmically horrid! My funeral. Ugh..this one is so hard! I smile at all these notes - as they let me know that music creates so many thoughts and memories to those who get the opportunity to learn and perform. What a blessing for me to spend time with these pieces of music and the singers who have gone before and those who dedicate many hours a week to rehearsals and offering their gifts to the Holy Comforter on Sundays.

Back in the loft on Sunday September 10th .............. ah it will be good to get back into the rhythm of the fall!

Mary McIntire