camp - to pitch a tent 

           a place of temporary shelter

camp - a summer holiday

           a program for children offering a range of activities

Over the years he word "camp" has taken on new and different meanings for me. 

As a young girl "camp" meant packing up my clothes and heading to the mountains for either Camp Fire Girls Camp or 4-H Camp. Sleeping in a large dorm like cabin in bunk beds, roasting marshmallows, singing, hiking and yes, the dreaded outhouse. 

While in college I would go with Joel's family "camping" to go fishing. This was a new experience for me as my family didn't camp. My dad had enough "roughing it" while in the Army during WWII and he liked all his comforts of home. So I learned about camping from the McIntire's. 

Joel and I got a very small tent after we were married and we had great fun experiencing Colorado via car camping next to streams and lakes. Not long after Megan was born we purchased a 1960 Apache tent trailer. What fun our little family has had camping and traveling with that trailer. Even though it is 57 years old we still camp in it every summer. Why it wouldn't be summer if we didn't!

But "camp" took on a whole new meaning for about 6 years ago. Music Camp. A week of activities all revolving around music. Campers everywhere! Campers learning about great composers. Campers learning to read notes. Campers learning to count rhythms. Campers learning to play rhythm sticks, Orff xylophones, a recorder, a hand chime.

Campers listening to Bach, Beethoven, Brahms, Vivaldi, Mozart, Copland, Gershwin, Grofe'. Campers listening to music with their eyes closed, letting the music paint pictures in their minds then painting and drawing those pictures and writing stories to share with new friends at camp.

Camp is making a new friend. Camp is watching eyes light up when returning campers see a friend from the summer before and catching up. 

So every summer "camp" has a double meaning for me - MUSIC CAMP and CAMPING! Music Camp is over for 2017 - time for CAMPING!

Thank you Holy Comforter for being great hosts to CAMPS!

Mary McIntire