Blessed in Beauty

On Sunday morning I had the rare opportunity to just sit in the choir loft and take it all in......the sights, smells and sounds of a wonderful early spring. Yes, I admit, I was a bit tired on Sunday morning after our great Tour of Italy Fundraiser; and, it was easy for me to let my thoughts wander just a bit. I got to thinking about all the beauty which has surrounded this community in the last several months. 

Being able to see the artwork from our beauty series. Seeing how folks, kids and adults, took ordinary things and then transformed them into works of thought and beauty. How touching for all who were able to work with their hands and souls to create and for those of us to fix our eyes upon these beautiful creations.

The faint scent of spaghetti sauce still lingering in the air from a great night in Maglaras Hall of people eating, laughing, sharing stories, the friendly competition of bidding for that much desired item, and giving generously of their treasure to support the many works of mission and ministry that touch so many more lives than we truly know about.

Listening to all the beautiful music coming from below as we sang hymns together, hearing John play magnificent preludes and postludes. And oh my, Meg and John playing The Resurrection from the Rosary Sonatas by Biber. During that offertory I was transcended into a wonderful place of beauty. How blessed are we to hear magnificent beauty every Sunday....the generosity of so many musicians sharing their God given talents with us. How blessed we are! 

Yes, we are blessed every Sunday to a mini concert of sorts, given from the hearts of musicians as offerings. Please take a listen - as we are blessed in beauty here at Holy Comforter.

Mary McIntire