Remembering Mom with Love

A group of us from Holy Comforter went to the coolest Mother’s Day party this morning.  It was held at The Refuge in Broomfield, a non-denominational church that does some really amazing things in our community.  This party specifically honored single moms, one of the most vulnerable demographic groups economically in the City and County of Broomfield.   Their stories are varied – divorced, widowed, or separated, but staying true to the love and care of their children.  They have to work hard to pay the bills each month.  Cars break down.  The kids get sick.  They need shoes.  Food has to be kept on the table.  And the one who usually goes without is Mom.  This party was called “Single Moms are Super Heroes” because that is what they are.  What a great title for a party!

Like any great party, it took a village of people and community organizations to pull it all together.  The Refuge provided the welcoming space, including a wonderful play room and activities for 28 kids, from toddlers to teenagers.  The ladies from Holy Comforter’s She Matters group set a wonderful breakfast buffet for the single moms; and, brought oodles of snacks for the kids.  She Matters assembled colorful gift bags for each guest that were full of lovingly made items: hand made necklaces, scented sugar scrubs and bath bombs. The Women’s Gathering gave the moms knitted and crocheted lightweight scarves in a myriad of soft colors.  Then there were the planters of colorful flowers assembled by She Matters that the guests could take home.

The amazing surprise for the single moms and their kids was in the parking lot after the party.  The lot was filled with bicycles of all sizes and colors that had been brought and donated by the Rotary Club.  It was Christmas in May!  Each child was given the opportunity to select a bicycle and get fitted for it.  Then Rotary gave each one the all-important safety helmet to wear.  The smiles on the faces of kids and their mothers were a gift to behold.  It was all about love, freely given, freely received. No strings attached.  This is what God is all about.

So, this Mother’s Day, whether your mother is living or not, whether you are a Mom or not, or maybe you never knew your mom, make it a day to show love to someone – no strings attached.  Just delight in the smile that you see in return and thank God.


Deacon Linda