Are You Ready?

Are you ready? I am - well almost! Holy Week. It strikes terror in the hearts of church musicians as we ready our choirs for the massive amount of music and liturgy that takes place. Emotions run high as approach each service. Sometimes it is easy for us to get caught up in the details of the service rather than in the meaning of the service. I find myself needing to take some time each day of Holy Week to look at the scriptures, read the text of the hymns, ponder and pray. Maybe looking head at some hymns might help you in your own Holy Week preparations. I might suggest looking at the following hymns and finding a verse or phrase on which you can pray and meditate.

My favorites:

Hymn 154 - All Glory, Laud and Honor 

Hymn 156 - Ride On! In Majesty!

Hymn 158 - Ah, holy Jesus

Hymn 159 - At the cross her vigil keeping, stood the mournful mother weeping

Hymn 160 - Cross of Jesus, cross of sorrow

Hymn 162 - The royal banners forward go

Hymn 164 - Alone thou goest forth

Hymn 165 - Sing my tongue the glorious battle

Hymn 167 - There is a green hill far away

Hymn 168 - O sacred sore wounded

Hymn 170 - TO mock your reign, o dearest Lord

Hymn 171 - Go to dark Gethsemane

Hymn 172 - Were you there?

Hymn 173 - O sorrow deep

If you would like to borrow a hymnal from the church library room to use for prayer and contemplation as we approach Holy Week please feel free to do so. 

I hope that the offerings from Palm Sunday through Easter Sunday will take you on a beautiful journey as we walk with Christ during the holiest of weeks.

Mary McIntire