Gifts of Gratitude

This past week I was invited to a fundraising luncheon for Broomfield FISH that carried the theme “Gifts of Gratitude.”  FISH is a local food pantry founded in 1963 to provide fresh and pre-packaged food for residents who are having difficulty putting enough food on the table.  It was started by a group of ladies from six Broomfield churches. The program was originally called “Broomfield Church Women United” and later changed its name to Fellowship In Serving Humanity, or FISH.  Holy Comforter’s own Ellie McKinley was one of its founding members.

At the luncheon, I sat at a table with several other clergy from Broomfield – Salvation Army, United Church of Broomfield, Broomfield Community Church, Highway Community Church (a new planter church in Broomfield) – and listened to the presentations.  

The opening address was given by FISH’s Executive Director, Dayna Scott, who invited each of us to think about the theme, Gifts of Gratitude, in the context of our own lives.  What do we each give thanks for?  Such a simple question, but a very powerful one in the response it elicits.  What are you thankful for?  Your family?  Home? Friends? Your church community? Material wealth?  Fill in the blank.

As we all pondered this question, we heard stories of people – families, the elderly, those struggling with unemployment or medical issues – who faced real hunger, but discovered that they are able to make it through another day because of the food and services provided by FISH.  And FISH relies on the generosity of Broomfield congregations, nonprofit organizations, and companies for cash and food donations so that they can serve 35 to 40 families in need per day.  

This past week, Holy Comforter volunteers delivered nearly 1,000 lbs of donated food plus cash and gift cards to FISH during our October food drive.  I am thankful for your generosity of spirit and donation of material items and cash to FISH.  Thank you for expressing your love of neighbor.


Deacon Linda