Rhythms & Tempo

Kids are in school, programs have started, my teaching studio is back to a regular weekly schedule,  choir practices are well under way and that means the rhythm and tempo of life has changed. It feels good! While I always embrace the free flowing tempo of summer, I always feel more centered once September arrives. 

In my dream world that means, like a predictable piece of music, everything will go along at a nice steady, even pace. I know what will happen in the next day, the next week, then next measure and onto the next page. But really, that is the dream. And wouldn't life be boring if we went along in that very predictable state? And wouldn't the music we enjoy become redundant and dull if we knew what was coming next and it all felt and sounded the same?

Last Sunday the Sanctuary Choir sang a recently published (recently meaning in the last 10 years) anthem titled Sing to the Lord a New Song. It's catchy tune made it fun to learn but the rhythms played a difficult game with me! Meter markings like 7/8, 3/4, 3/1, 4/4, all mixed up in one piece! Feeling triple, triple, duple, and then duple, duple, triple, then an even 1,2,3,4 was driving me crazy! The choir could sing it, Ben could play it but I couldn't direct it! I had to really put on my "A" game not to mess up!

But that piece of music, was/is much like life. We go along at a nice tempo, the rhythm being even and straight but then something comes along and makes us work harder. Makes us think harder. Makes us engage our minds to things that are uncomfortable and sometimes difficult. And I believe that is God reminding me to look beyond myself, to things that are harder, that are more difficult, challenging and rewarding.

Embrace those changes in rhythm and tempo.

Mary McIntire