Moments of Truth

This past week has continually revealed to me one thing: we all meet moments of truth in our everyday lives. Sometimes daily, sometimes less often; but, the absolute truth is that we will be continually confronted with the truth in our lives.

My youngest son, Jack, is learning this during his journey in the 2nd Grade. Education is beautiful in its ability to provide learning opportunities and life lessons on a daily basis. To see him grappling with these opportunities and lessons is both difficult and wonderful at the same time. As a parent, we naturally want to guide and help our children through their difficulties. However, we know that the opportunities and lessons will likely be lost if we don’t allow them to learn for themselves. They have to confront their moment of truth. As Dr. King said, “Knowledge plus character. That is the true goal of education.”

Mother Kim’s sermon last Sunday about shedding privilege to move Forward in Faith confronted a moment of truth for our culture. With so many societal ills boiling at the surface, how do we confront these ugly truths? There is no way around the scriptures in Luke 12 “to whom much is given, much will be required in return”. We are reminded, yet again, that we are called to meet these moments of truth.    

I have met my share of moments of truth this past week, as well. And, in confronting those moments, I have been thinking about my little Jack. Through his learning, he is essentially teaching me; or, at least reminding me of the right way to meet these moments. In seeing his fear of being less likable, or of a perceived consequence, I know my way Forward in Faith.

As God has created me, just like every single being, with a distinct purpose, I know that I must honor that purpose. Even if it is uncomfortable, unpopular, or maybe a little bit scary, what he has put in my heart is my duty to fulfill.

Jackson Dreiling