1. the manifestation of Christ to the Gentiles as represented by the Magi (Matthew 2:1–12).

    • the festival commemorating the Epiphany on January 6.

    • a manifestation of a divine or supernatural being.

    • a moment of sudden revelation or insight.

Last Friday at this time I was bundling up and getting ready to head out to Holy Comforter after a Thursday snow day. It was so cold but the Colorado skies didn't disappoint being crystal clear and the brightest blue ever! 

My task, to get the costumes for our annual Epiphany pageant across the icy parking lot into the Sanctuary without going down. Thank heavens for extra hands (well feet), as the task was easy with several volunteers.

As I contemplated the annual production this year, my heart wasn't in it at all! I knew I couldn't do the pageant in the same old way as we had for years! Herd the sheep, pack up the donkeys, halo and wing up the angels, deck out the kings.....yes, fun; but, it was the way we had always done it before, and this year I needed something new!

So what does the weary Music Director do the week after Christmas looking for a spark of creativity? She goes to PINTEREST of course - in the middle of the night - one of the best times for new thoughts and ideas in my opinion. Page after page of scrolling brought nothing - nada! And just when my eyelids were half down, there it was! The No Rehearsal, No Fuss Epiphany Pageant! I was saved! After reading the short details I knew this was the one for 2017. Kids choose and pick  their own part and costume and then come to the stage. As the rest of the congregation enters, they get instructions to listen carefully to the script and when they hear the character they would like to play they find a costume and join the other actors on stage. For many adults this was their opportunity to play the part they never were picked to play as a child. Children seeing adults putting on costumes just as they had - many being way too small. But it was so heart warming.

It was marvelous, it was charming, it was humbling! Six or so Marys, Josephs, a flock of sheep in all sizes and genders, little ones anxiously awaiting their parents arrival. And Kings....oh my we had Kings! Some very regal, some very humble.

And in the middle of it all a small, real, baby Jesus, taking it all in. 

Mary McIntire