Saturdays, through March 18

To paraphase Picasso: “Beauty washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.” The overall character and purpose of the community arts series is to soak in and practice beauty: the beauty of human connection, the beauty of creation, and the beauty of the presence of God.

In modern life, beauty is often seen as a luxury. It is lovely when we can take the time to catch a glimpse, but rarely pursued and appreciated as an end in itself. Cultural values measuring efficiency and productivity rarely result in beauty. And yet, beauty awakens transcendence. Beauty invites awe and nourishes the human spirit. Beauty evokes wonder and sparks creativity. Holy Comforter is creating this free program around making and appreciating beauty; because, in the words of Dostoyevsky, “beauty will save the world.”  

Schedule of Artists/Workshops

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2-5pm (2 Pairing/Learning, Interactive Seminars)/Cooking Fun for Kids-Age 4+

All art forms are free and will be practiced at Holy Comforter Episcopal Church. For each of the seven weeks we will focus on a particular creative expression, inviting a local artist to speak and demonstrate their respective craft, followed by instruction and participation by beginners and advanced practitioners alike. Children are welcome to participate as noted, for each week. We will also have light refreshments and meals, depending on the duration of each workshop; and, professionally staffed nursery care will be provided for newborn-age 3.

RSVP for Any/All Art Forms Here

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